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Theodora Christoforidou

Theodora Christoforidou is a registered architect in Greece with professional experience in Spain and Greece.  She holds a Masters degree in Architecture from the IAAC Institute in Barcelona (2007) and got her diploma in Architecture with honors from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki (2005). Theodora has been practicing architecture since 2005. She gained her experience close to “Vicente Guallart Office” and “Bea Goller office” in Barcelona and through personal work in collaboration with Fotis Vasilakis. During her practice, she has contributed in a wide range of private and public projects, that include residential, urban, landscape, educational, cultural, office and interior design. Among them are the “Shop of handmade soaps” (Theodora Christoforidou 2015) an awarded and published project in collaboration with Fotis Vasilakis and Stavros Mistakidis. Theodora has also won several prizes and distinctions in architectural competitions, in collaboration with various design teams and practices such as the “Rethink Athens” – international competition for the creation of a new city center in Athens (2nd prize, in collaboration with Kiki Ilousi, Oihana Iturritxa Kerexeta, Dimitris Gourdoukis, Fotis Vasilakis, Katerina Tryfonidou, Fani Natou, 2013). She is an expert in interior design and keeps up with all new technologies in construction materials, lighting and trends.

We believe in the honesty of keeping things simple We believe in the honesty of keeping things simple